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Dec 14 - 2:20 pm - Scanning was down for about 30 minutes today. Test scanning is working again. Re-Scan anything you've scanned without receiving a confirmation sheet. Dec 14 - MAP data update - we are still waiting to receive a district wide MAP file, then we will clean it and match to student numbers, and load into several places in Cascade.

Cascade Rosters Last Updated from Campus (1 day lag) on Dec 17 2017 9:10PM
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17-18 JCPS Assessment Overview

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- After scanning several classes, eraser debris and pencil shavings will begin to build up on the scanner's glass. It is best to be sure the glass is clean before scanning.

- Open the top scanner tray to view the glass.


- The small piece of glass on the left side scans everything loaded from the automatic feeder tray - a small lip sticks up slightly to the right of the glass and scrapes pencil shavings from the paper back onto the scanning glass.

- Debris and pencil shavings should be dusted off with a soft, dry tissue or blown off with canned air. Close the top tray when you are done.