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CSS Social-Emotional Learning Data Reflection: Report #1

Examples of the data reflections questions include:
• Do parents, teachers, and students agree on items?
• Are there any patterns in the data?
• Are there any surprising data points?
Deeper Dive:
• WHAT? (What does the data say?)
• SO WHAT? (What are the implications of the data?)
• NOW WHAT? (What are my next steps? What areas do I want to work on next year?)

COVID Impact on the survey:

The Comprehensive School Surveys aim each year to capture key elements of school culture and climate including stakeholder engagement, satisfaction, and sense of belonging. Due to the extraordinary circumstances in 2021, the CSS was modified in several ways: 1) reduction in questions to lower survey fatigue, 2) new questions specific to the NTI experience, 3) provided online only, 4) optional distribution by schools due to return-to building planning.

While analyzing these CSS results consider the following 2021 CSS response rates (RR) of stakeholders: 1) If the response rate is less than 10% data are not reported, 2)If the response rate is between 10% and 49% please use the data and information with caution, and 3) Data with less than 5 respondents are not reported.

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