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The following tool allows you to examine a school’s Comprehensive Survey results more in-depth for staff, parents, and students. The data tool allows for comparisons by groups within school (for example, male students vs. female students) and between schools (for example, male students at School A against male students at School B). Data can be disaggregated by Race, Gender, Grade and Free/Reduced Lunch status. Note that in order to protect anonymity, if any group used for the comparison had fewer than 5 respondents, data will not be available. Because of the differences in response rates between schools, users of this data tool should interpret the results with caution.

Note: a Likert Scale is used for the Comprehensive School Surveys. The AVG column is the average response.  The key is as follows:
    4 – Strongly Agree
    3 – Agree
    2 – Disagree
    1 – Strongly Disagree